Cliterally the Best Pleasure Hunt Ever!

Location #1


Latitude: 42.457594, Longitude: -76.516689

  • Yay Linzi!!! I was so excited to find this rock with a hole in it.

Location #2

Bison view

Latitude: 42.492714, Longitude: -76.541363

  • Well done. I hope you caught a glimpse of the herd. I keep hoping they’ll visit my backyard one day.

Location #3


Latitude: 42.531687, Longitude: -76.615919

  • Go Patrice! I hope you got to listen to the water, what did it have to say?

Location #4


Latitude: 42.441308, Longitude: -76.513567

  • Aubrie!!!! Your powers of psychological profiling worked!

Location #5

Batter up

Latitude: 42.416496, Longitude: -76.524339

  • Welcome to the hunt X&S, great job!

Location #6

Cleanse your

Latitude: 42.430145, Longitude: -76.505527

  • Don’t be shy, Mo! That was a hard one to find…

Location #7

Going up?

Latitude: 42.437383, Longitude: -76.498637

  • MattD, all the way to the tippy top- you must be right behind us…

Location #8

Take flight

Latitude: 42.437933, Longitude: -76.497459

  • Oh my gosh, you guys are freaking adorable xo

Location #9

I heart books

Latitude: 42.438433, Longitude: -76.499914

  • Love to local bookstores and all of the other local shops!
  • Kelly is back- woot!
  • Odyssey Bookstore is great, I don’t get there too often but I have been buying audiobooks through them with I highly recommend.

Location #10

No barking

Latitude: 42.449689, Longitude: -76.501093

  • Like (calendar) clockwork, plus bonus from PP …
  • Whoa, hold up. What’s this, your phallus good luck charm? Lol

Location #11


Latitude: 42.452066, Longitude: -76.489740

  • I think someone not playing took this one. I knew immediately where this was when I saw the pic. When I got there it was gone. So it’s gone but not marked found.
  • Thanks for giving me the lowdown on this one. Xo

Location #12

look up

Latitude: 42.449850, Longitude: -76.485717

  • Got it! Last for our team of four. Thanks for another great year.
  • See ya next year!

Location #13


Latitude: 42.447586, Longitude: -76.477434

  • I did not find her but I love the color coordination! She looks particularly beautiful in this space! (In the photo)
  • X&S you fit right in that garden honey xo

Location #14


Latitude: 42.432683, Longitude: -76.484203

  • Awesome glasses!
  • I know, you look gorgeous! I have to say, I was very sad to see the condition of Mullholand Preserve, what a mess in such a sacred space. I hope it’s resolved soon.

Location #15

Put a pin in it

Latitude: 42.434037, Longitude: -76.505312

  • Yay Traver! Did you meet the resident housecat?

Location #16


Latitude: 42.433078, Longitude: -76.509257

  • Luckily for me, I must look like the sort of person who would be avidly hunting for a clitoris, because this one had been found by staff and put behind the counter. When they saw me striding purposefully towards the poetry section they asked me if I was looking for anything in particular, and I replied, "Why, YES! I AM!" And then I spent a good ten minutes explaining the Pleasure Hunt and saying the word CLITORIS quite loudly over and over again. :)
  • I’m laughing so hard right now, this couldn’t have worked out more perfectly!

Location #17


Latitude: 42.433078, Longitude: -76.509257

  • Go Lorraine!!

Location #18


Latitude: 42.422062, Longitude: -76.531262

  • Yay Ellen made it out of t-burg, you go girl!!
  • This was truly hard to find! I even did a 360 around the Bus Garage! Each year has been totally different. The first year I found one without trying. The next year I went to almost every spot and my Ex found the last one at the last moment. This time I went really deep into one spot after I had almost given up. Love this event.

Location #19

You’re Golden

Latitude: 42.480635, Longitude: -76.471438

  • You should make a book with these photos because they are so beautiful!
  • I found her!
  • Yay Sunpatches!
  • Woohoo! Love both you ladies and yes, all this will get archived. Xo

Location #20

The bon gone

Latitude: 42.483457, Longitude: -76.489448

  • Ha! I couldn’t tell our photos apart lol

Location #21

Beware of aggressive geese, mosquitos, and hydrilla

Latitude: 42.460109, Longitude: -76.504260

Location #22

Sushi break

Latitude: 42.460109, Longitude: -76.504260

Location #23

End it

Latitude: 42.441121, Longitude: -76.503694

Location #24


Latitude: 42.442619, Longitude: -76.503749

Location #25

See ya next year!

Latitude: 42.440125, Longitude: -76.496817

  • Until next year, friends xo
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