Cliterally the Best Pleasure Hunt Ever!

The 2021 Hunt Has Completed!

With thanks and gratitude to all who participated in the 2021 Clitoris Hunt on September 5th, 2021. All 25 clitorises have been found. If you'd like to receive updates on next year's hunt, please sign up for the Illuminous Flux mailing list below.

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A Gift from the Goddess

As a tribute to World Goddess Day, I'll be hiding 25 3D printed clitorises all over Ithaca. A gift from me (and the Goddess) to whoever finds them. Its year SIX for the hunt as we crawl out from under the pandemic together.

History - About the Hunt

What gave me the idea was the idea of lost goddess statues in our collective heritages AND our lost understanding of the power and mechanisms of our own bodies. How our pleasure AND our agency has been suppressed. I am enchanted by the idea of modern technology unearthing the relic of the full splendor of the clitoris, an organ with only one holy mission, poorly understood, denied, and sometimes even mutilated. So yes, this is fun and irreverent, but don’t think for a minute that I’m not serious about it. For more on the “why,” see the writeups of previous events:

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Hi! My name is Nora Snyder and I write things.I also do related adventures like writing groups, community service, events, and other related artistic enterprises like:

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